I. General Conditions

Art. 1 These Terms and Conditions apply to all who interact with cu www.RoomXcapelloret.com or with Arte del Anima, S.L.

Art. 2 Both the website and the company will further be named „RoomXcape Lloret”. Everyone (both individuals or companies) interacting with RoomXcape Lloret’s services will be called “Players” or “Clients”.

Art. 3 The main interaction with RoomXcape Lloret will be called “game”.

II. Bookings

Art. 4 The only way to benefit or enjoy RoomXcape Lloret’s services and games is via a valid reservation.

Art. 5 Reservations can be done both by phone or on-line via RoomXcape Lloret’s website.

Art. 6 A reservation is considered valid only when receiving the confirmation e-mail. If you haven’t received the confirmation e-mail please check the Spam/Junk folders. If you still haven’t found the e-mail, please call us at.

Art. 7 If you need (for any reason) to cancel or modify a reservation, please do so as soon as possible, but not later than 2 hours before the actual reservation time.

Art. 8 Making a reservation implies that both the person making the booking and the team participating with him accept these terms and conditions!

III. RoomXcape Lloret premises

Art. 9 RoomXcape Lloret strictly forbids access to people under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other substances which may be impairing one’s abilities to think properly. Access with any kind of weapons is strictly forbidden.

Art. 10 Our games are not recommended to people under the age of 14. Anyone under 14 must be accompanied by an adult an is the direct responsability of that adult.

Art. 11 Our games are not recommended to people suffering from claustrophobia, heart diseases, panic attacks, asthma and/or epilepsy. Our games may contain elements or lights which may trigger these afflictions.

Art. 12 PLAYERS USE OUR GAMES AT THEIR OWN RISK. The person making the booking (both by phone or on-line) is responsible for informing the rest of his team of the terms and conditions of RoomXcape Lloret. Every single player or person agrees to our terms and conditions by playing any or all the games. RoomXcape Lloret makes everything in it’s power to ensure a safe environment for the games, however accidents may happen. Players using the games agree to do so at their own risk. RoomXcape Lloret does not take responsability for the behaviour or actions of the players or any accidents which may incur to them!

Art. 13 Smoking is not allowed on the RoomXcape Lloret’s premises.

Art. 14 There are surveillance cameras (for security purposes) on all the RoomXcape Lloret premises. Players are not allowed to interact in any way with the cameras. RoomXcape Lloret will never use the footage for any other purpose other than security.

Art. 15 RoomXcape Lloret has the right to choose it’s clients!

IV. The game

Art. 16 Players will receive a quick training on how to use the games. Objects marked with the „Do not touch” sign (black hand under the red forbidden sign) are not part of the game and must be ignored.

Art. 17 Players understand and agree to the fact that they may be phisically locked in a room for not more than 60 minutes.

Art. 18 Players must use their imagination and intelligence to solve puzzles. Use of force is strictly forbidden! Players agree to pay for the repairing of replacement of objects broken due to incorrect handling.

V. Personal Data

Art. 19 RoomXcape Lloret will never share information about the players gained through the booking process with third parties. Such info is only needed for the booking process.

Art. 20 At the end of the game RoomXcape Lloret will take a picture of the Players and post it on the social platform Facebook. Players or their legal representatives may choose not to take a picture by expressly informing RoomXcape Lloret.

VI. Company Info

Lloret de Mar

Arte del Anima, S.L

NIF: BB55288393

Company HQ Address: Avenida de Fenals, nr 10, 1r, 18, Lloret de Mar, Girona

Games Address (actual location): Carrer dels Horts 1, Code 110010.

Bank: Banco de Sabadell, S.A.

IBAN: ES4600810274140001242725


E-mail: office@RoomXcapelloret.com



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